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Terms & Conditions

Social Business Standards of Conduct


BackOffice Associates, LLC’s (“BackOffice or BOAUnited”) Social Business Standards of Conduct are a general policy guide to the business practices of BackOffice. This policy applies to BackOffice Associates, LLC, and all its subsidiaries or affiliates of BackOffice.


The goal of BOAUnited is to empower our employees to build and grow successful communities, groups and collaborative solutions. Basic guidelines have been established to ensure BOAUnited is enjoyable for, and respectful of, all of our users. Please interact with other users accordingly and conduct yourselves as you would in any professional, business setting. The BOAUnited site is intended only for Business / Professional use and your use of BOAUnited is subject to these following guidelines and Terms of Use.




  • All employees of BackOffice are to adhere to the BackOffice Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Computer Use Policies.


  • BOAUnited community cannot be used for personal gain.


  • All employees of BackOffice understand that comments / postings that are deemed inappropriate are not permitted. These types of comments will be removed or edited and progressive disciplinary action may and shall be taken. For the purpose of this policy "Inappropriate Conduct" shall mean conduct that is deemed less favorable of a person by another or others in the workplace.


  • BackOffice employees should report inappropriate content via the links provided within the BOAUnited community.


  • Ensure that participation in BOAUnited supports work-related functions only.


  • Utilize blogs and discussions to facilitate and promote informal debate and discussion. Writing in a casual, conversational manner is encouraged. This tool is intended to promote innovation and creativity.


  • Do not change or delete another employee's entry or comments.


  • Respect the privacy of individuals by ensuring expressed permission is received prior to posting names, phone numbers, addresses, photos, or other personal information. Please adhere to the BackOffice WISP policy regarding personal information.


Before creating groups and posting content:

• Consider the nature of the content being shared. If you would not share the content in an email, do not post it to BOAUnited.


• Protect sensitive and confidential information through the use of private groups and manage the membership of groups appropriately.


• When posting documents, utilize the Collaborative Options to control who can edit the document, to add approvers and to control commenting on the document. Be aware that violation of this protocol may result in disciplinary action.



BackOffice hopes that you enjoy visiting BOAUnited, please return often, and become an active member and frequent contributor.